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Los Angeles Triumphs in Battle for George Lucas Museum

The Board of the George Lucas “Museum of Narrative Art” picked Los Angeles’ Exposition Park over San Francisco’s Treasure Island on Tuesday as home of the highly anticipated museum of the Star Wars creator’s digital and populist art collection.

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L.A., San Francisco Battle for George Lucas Museum

The Board of George Lucas’s proposed “Museum of Narrative Art” delayed its final site selection approval in what is now a hot and heavy competition between San Francisco’s Treasure Island and Los Angeles’ Exposition Park.


George Lucas Disses New ‘Star Wars,’ Calls Disney ‘White Slavers’

In an interview with Charlie Rose last weekend, George Lucas used the word “breakup” to describe how he felt about being left out of the process in creating the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, “The Force Awakens,” and likened Disney’s acquisition of the brand to “white slavers” taking his children.

Obama and George Lucas (Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

If Obama Cannot Hang out with Hollywood, the Terrorists Win

Following his speech to the nation on terrorism, President Barack Obama is putting on his black tie and heading to the Kennedy Center to honor filmmaker George Lucas, among others. If Obama cannot hang out with Hollywood celebrities, the terrorists win.

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George Lucas Plans Subsidized Housing Project on Own Property

After facing slew of criticism from his neighbors in Marin County over plans to expand Skywalker Ranch studio for a third and final time, George Lucas has opted instead to turn his plot of land into subsidized housing, in what many of his neighbors are calling payback in the form of class warfare.

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George Lucas: Hollywood ‘All Circus, No Substance’

In a wide-ranging interview with film critic Leonard Maltin at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, directors George Lucas and Robert Redford spoke candidly of their experiences in film, where Lucas came to the conclusion that Hollywood as a “circus.”