Nolte: Because Their Product Stinks, Movie Theater Stocks Crash

Can five titles — It, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok — save Hollywood? Because it ain’t just the summer stinking up the 2017 box office. After a dismal second quarter, the third-quarter box office is expected to collapse -21% when compared to last year. That is six months of fail, folks — and now theater chain stocks are crashing, even as the stock market itself enjoys a bull market.

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Google Announces YouTube TV to Compete with Cable

Google announced on Tuesday the launch of the new YouTube TV service: a so-called “skinny bundle” that lets you stream select cable TV channels on any device at a much cheaper price than regular cable television providers.


Embattled ESPN Cries Uncle: Streaming Now On the Table

ESPN, the left-wing sports network that has hemorrhaged 7 million subscribers in just two years, which translates into $1.3 billion in lost revenue, is floating the idea of throwing in the towel on the issue of streaming. Disney CEO Bob


Netflix Now Boasts 65M Subscribers

Thanks to investments in original programming, with popular shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, Netflix added 2.5 million new subscribers in the second quarter of 2015.

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Are Americans Dumb Enough to Fall For the Streaming Bundle?

A quick look at this New York Times list of streaming options for cord-cutters reveals that the con game that is your dreaded, overpriced cable and satellite television bundle is now attempting to resurrect itself on the medium that threatens


Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Apple Plans Web TV Fall Launch

The most important detail in this Wall Street Journal story is that Apple has been attempting to put together a slimmed down streaming bundle for years. The proposal went nowhere because it was “considered radical and failed to bear fruit.”

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Bundled Cable DeathWatch: Ratings Plummet Double Digits

The end is nigh for the Hollywood affirmative action racket known as bundled cable and satellite television. Customers aren’t yet cancelling their overpriced bundled TV packages by double digits. That reality, though, can’t be far behind. People inevitably figure out

Police raid Amazon offices in Tokyo

Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Amazon Prime Subs Jump 53%

Even with a growing American population the number of subscribers to bundled cable and satellite television is declining. Not by huge numbers. One-hundred million homes are still being conned into making left-wing multinationals rich and subsidizing low-rated networks like CNN.


Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Nickelodeon Uncouples from Pay TV

Following the lead of CBS, HBO and Showtime, Nickelodeon CEO Philippe Dauman announced this week that he will launch the Nickelodeon network outside of a pay television subscription. As of now, if you want to watch Nickelodeon, you are required

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Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Only 46% Watch Live Television

A new poll shows that only 46% of respondents watch what’s known as linear television, or live television as it airs. As supplements to television, a majority of the 4709 polled have added DVR-watching and streaming services of various kinds.

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Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Lost Viewers Force Nets to Increase Ads

On top of obnoxiously high prices, a big reason people (especially Millennials) are fleeing to Streaming, is the obnoxious number of commercials that disrupt/infect/pummel every cable television show. Nevertheless, in order to make up for declining viewership, desperate cable networks