Former Amazon Exec Sebastien Pacetti Recruited as CCO for ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’ Developer

Warhorse Studios
Warhorse Studios

Warhorse Studios has hired Sebastien Pacetti as its new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Pacetti was previously associate director of GameForge, Ubisoft Massive business development director, and head of video games and digital software for Amazon.

Pacetti will aid Warhorse in developing its first title, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, an ambitious medieval-themed role-playing game that was crowdfunded through Kickstarter raising over £1 million, well above a targeted goal of £300,000. Warhorse has committed 70 full-time employees to the game’s development and hopes to release it in 2016.

Pacetti remarked that “the support Warhorse Studios is getting from the community is mind-blowing… I am excited and also proud to join Warhorse Studios [as CCO]; working within such a talented and passionate team is a fantastic opportunity. Kingdom Come is an ambitious project and our community expect [sic] us to raise the bar every day.”

Warhorse Studios was created in 2011 by industry veterans with experience working across a wide range of critically and commercially successful games. Studio co-founder Daniel Vávra has been an outspoken supporter of the GamerGate movement pushing for ethical reforms in the gaming industry and press.

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