‘Ultra Street Fighter IV’ for PlayStation 4 Suffering from Serious Technical Issues at Release


Ultra Street Fighter IV, developed by Capcom, was released for PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, May 26, and some famous gamers from its community have found issues with its technical elements.

Shacknews reporter Ozzie Mejia detailed that “these bugs include sound glitches, visual hiccups, missing PSN handles during online sessions, connecting to online sessions period, and more.”

But some of these players also expressed optimism concerning the game’s fix.

Concerns over the game’s functionality may stem from the decision that game tournaments Community Effort Orlando 2015 and Evo 2015 have made to use the PlayStation 4 edition of Ultra Street Fighter IV. Furthermore, the PlayStation 4 could become the console of choice for the Capcom Pro Tour.

Ultra Street Fighter IV features 44 characters and fighting styles from each volume of the series. The game costs $25 and takes 14 GB of data.

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