Watch: The Edge, Adam Clayton Drop in on U2 Cover Band


U2’s most passionate fans got the shock of a lifetime on Wednesday night when band members The Edge and Adam Clayton joined a U2 cover band for an impromptu performance at a small club.

Cover band Unforgettable Fire were playing the @U2 20th anniversary party at the Cutting Room in New York to a crowd of 450 people on Wednesday night.

According to Rolling Stone, the party’s organizers had invited the band to the party on the one-in-a-million shot they’d actually come. The organizers knew the band had a day off between gigs at the nearby Madison Square Garden and figured they’d give it a shot.

The Edge’s guitar tech, Dallas Schoo, suddenly made an appearance and began tuning a guitar, saying he was going to be joining the band for some songs.

Then, The Edge and Adam Clayton came onstage and the band launched into “Where the Streets Have No Name.”

As organizer Matt McGee put it to Rolling Stone:

Everyone erupted. It was unforgettable and just insane. I was just numb, Tribute Edge was standing right behind Real Edge and Tribute Adam was standing right behind Real Adam. There was such joy in their faces. I’m almost in tears watching how happy they were.

The Edge and Clayton also performed “Out of Control” with Unforgettable Fire before posing for photos and then exiting through the venue’s side door.

Check out the video of the performance above.


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