Fantastic Four Actor Miles Teller Not Happy About Being Called a ‘D*ck’ by ‘Esquire’


Actor Miles Teller, the 28-year-old co-star of films such as “Divergent,” “Whiplash,” and “Fantastic Four” is fighting back against an Esquire Magazine feature that makes the assertion he is nothing but a total d—k.

Esquire introduces a one-on-one with the actor for its September issue with, “Our latest cover star is on a quest for greatness. Sometimes that can involve a bit of dickishness too.”

The mag tweeted out a link to the interview on Wednesday, writing:

But it wasn’t long before Teller sent out his rebuttal, which according to Page Six, read, “@Esquire couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t think there’s anything cool or entertaining about being a d-k or an a—hole. Very misrepresenting.”

The post is now absent from Teller’s Twitter page, but after reading the article, the star obviously took issue with his interviewer’s slant.

Esquire‘s Anna Peele writes, “You’re sitting across from Miles Teller at the Luminary restaurant in Atlanta and trying to figure out if he’s a dick” to start the feature.

A conversation revolving around the star’s hair, charm, attitude and ego all seem to tie back in to Peele’s main point: Miles Teller is a d—k.

At least he ordered her an Uber after lunch.


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