Stan Lee Sued for ‘Severe’ Emotional Abuse by Former Assistant


Comic book legend Stan Lee and his wife and daughter are being sued by a former employee, who says he was not only severely emotionally abused while working for the family this year, but was also never paid.

Twenty-nine-year-old Shawn Lukaszewicz worked for the 92-year-old Spider-Man co-creator from October 2014 until June 2015, and during that time, alleges he was forced to run the gauntlet for the Lee family.

Per legal documents obtained by Page Six, and filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Stan Lee, his 93-year-old wife Joan, and his daughter Joan Celia Lee, 67, all inflicted emotional distress on Lukaszewicz, by hurling unrelenting insults at him, and routinely threatened his employment.

The abuse was “severe and constant,” and at one point in late April, Lukaszewicz drove Stan to meet boxer Manny Pacquaio in Las Vegas, prior to his bout with Floyd Mayweather, but was late.

For running behind, Lukaszewicz says Stan berated him for driving too slowly.

“…f—ing idiot. You wasted my time,” Stan allegedly said. “Everyone at the office thinks you are a f—ing a–hole.”

Lukaszewicz claims he was also threatened with being fired for “kidnapping” the 92-year-old.

The former assistant also claims he was abused by Lee’s daughter, who would drink alcohol and become “severely abusive.”

Joan Celia allegedly referred told him as her “liitle bitch,” and once said, “you are f—ing stupid,” while also describing him as a “retarded a–hole.”

The plaintiff was “constantly reminded how lucky he was to work for the most powerful people in the entertainment industry, and he, therefore, should ‘suck it up’ and be thankful for the abuse,” adds the suit.

In addition to being subjected to verbal abuse, Lukaszewicz says the family refused to pay him for his long hours.

Lukaszewicz is seeking punitive damages for emotional stress.

The Lee family is denying the allegations, according to Page Six, and an attorney for Celia says the lawsuit should “never have been filed and will likely quickly be dismissed.”

Joan Celia’s attorney has filed a separate complaint, which states In June Lukaszewicz falsely imprisoned his client in her car after he drove her to San Francisco. The former intern allegedly refused to let her out and demanded she pay his travel expenses.

“Mr. Lukaszewicz committed fraud, conversion and breach of contract against, and harassed and falsely imprisoned, JC Lee leading to his immediate dismissal,” Joan Celia’s filing states.


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