Morrissey: Obama Probably ‘White Inside’


Morrissey sat down with Larry King on Wednesday for the singer’s first video interview in a decade, and he wasted little time going after President Obama, GOP presidential candidates and the TSA agent who allegedly sexually assaulted him at San Francisco International Airport last month.

Asked whether he was disappointed by Obama’s performance in office, the former Smiths frontman said the president has done little to calm ongoing racial tension in the country.

“I think he’s disappointed lots of people because I don’t think in cases like Ferguson that he’s helped his own people,” Morrissey told King. “By being more interested, and forgetting about the police machinery all the time and constantly saying the police are always right and we must listen to the police. Everyone knows that’s not true.”

“So Obama, is he white inside?” the singer continued. “That’s a very logical question, but I think he probably is.”

Despite the president’s failings, Morrissey suggested he wouldn’t be getting behind any of the Republican candidates

“When you look at the Republican who have lined up, it’s ludicrous,” he said. “They all look exactly the same.”

“Except Trump,” countered King.

“Well, in the dark he’d look like everybody else,” Morrissey replied. “It’s the same old suit-and-tie. You never see somebody who is absolutely, ‘Wow, what is that, who is this person? How interesting they look.’ They all look so uniform.”

The singer also reserved some venom for Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin, who he called “insane.”

Morrissey also discussed the alleged sexual assault on him at SFO, his ongoing battle with depression and his cancer diagnosis in the 30-minute, in-depth interview.

Check out an excerpt above.


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