FLYNN: Morrissey Is Hated for Loving England

Spin headlined its take on Morrissey’s reaction to a Muslim killing 22 in his hometown: “Morrissey Says Something Predictably Dumb About the Manchester Bombing.”

Martin Bernetti/AFP/Getty Images

Morrissey Rips British Politicians after Manchester Attack: ‘Petrified’ to Admit Islamic Extremism Behind Terror

Musician and songwriter Morrissey angrily excoriated British politicians following Monday night’s deadly terrorist attack at a pop music concert in Manchester, England, claiming that it is easy for politicians to say they are “unafraid” and to remain resolute while failing to address the root causes of terrorism and hiding behind their own robust security.


PETA Releases ‘Meat is Murder’ App With ‘The Smiths’

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) teamed up with “The Smiths” and released a retro, 80’s-style video game app titled “This Beautiful Creature Must Die,” set against an arcade-version of the group’s 1985 hit song, “Meat is Murder.”

Meat is Murder (PETA)

Ex-Smiths Frontman Morrissey Returning to Israel in August

The iconic, charismatic Morrissey, originally of Manchester indie band The Smiths, now a solo artist, announced his return to Israel with two concerts, on August 22 in Tel Aviv’s Heichal HaTarbut and August 24 in the Caesarea ampitheater.


Morrissey: Obama Probably ‘White Inside’

Morrissey sat down with Larry King on Wednesday for the singer’s first video interview in a decade, and he wasted little time going after President Obama, GOP presidential candidates and the TSA agent who allegedly sexually assaulted him at San Francisco International Airport last month.