Exclusive—Davi: ‘Politicize This, Mr. President. Let’s Pray’

Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images
Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty

Let me ask you all a question. What year was prayer taken out of our schools? Are you all Googling it? I did it for you. 1962-63.

Here is my contention. I contend that since that decision the moral compass of America has continually been spinning out of control. I have seen it happen over the last five decades. Many of you may not have the point of reference I do; but I cannot stress enough that when I grew up, focusing on faith and American values were paramount. When I went to elementary school, faith was celebrated, not attacked. When I went to school, Merry Christmas, peace on earth, and goodwill toward men were things we could sing about freely. Now, the mention of Merry Christmas or the display of the Ten Commandments is looked upon as an infectious disease. We can sing to Frosty the Snowman in the school “Winter Solstice” Celebrations, but Silent Night is no longer allowed.

Those attacking the compass that faith can provide and the mental health benefits of prayer are in denial. The President said in his speech yesterday that the “U.S. has become numb.” Well, can it be that the selling of baby body parts and a culture of “anything goes” may just deaden the senses and some individuals may get intoxicated by the poison of “everything is relative”? Can it be that children knowing that adults can tear them from the womb with impunity or as a matter of unregulated procedure may cause a crisis? Call it what you will, give it any name or justification, but what does it say about the sanctity of life?

We can all wave the flag of self-determination, but I contend it has its cost. How interesting that in 1973, a decade after prayer in school was removed, Roe vs. Wade became the law of the land. I’m not saying this is the reason, but we must be honest and say if the question of when and where and at what stage life begins isn’t important, we have become hypocrites.

Yes, we are numb. The culture of violent video games and films hypnotize certain individuals into living in a fog. Yes, we are numb, and I have not heard one pundit, politician, or journalist attribute this to the spiritual decline in America.

As atheists call for the removal of the Christmas tree, the Nativity scene, and the Menorah from the town square, they are being replaced by a future of existential nihilism in a Godless society. Mankind has not become more violent because of religion; we have become less so. Instead of moving forward, we are moving away from what has been learned from our ancients. Man can have a violent nature; and as Pope Francis recently stated, the presence of the devil—of evil—is in the world and is fighting for the soul of man. The disdain for belief in God by those who attack and distort the necessity of faith and a spiritual life are partly at the root of the rise of violence in American society.

Look, I am not saying that cynical atheists like Bill Maher are the cause of violence. Of course not. I know many atheists who are loving, giving, and humane people; but—and this is a strong but—if atheists are so loving and accepting, why do they attack symbols of faith and breed a cynicism that can possibly affect young minds?

Children need to believe. They need fairy tales and myth to help build a foundation toward faith and a framework toward those things unseen that provide a spiritual compass. Whether it’s Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, children need faith. Santa Claus is a good person to anticipate yearlong and wait for on Christmas Eve. Let children be protected in their innocence.

Prayer has the power of healing—the power of giving strength. Our nation needs a movement toward reestablishing prayer in school. A movement where the Christmas tree and the words Merry Christmas can ring from every school in the nation. This is the message we need from our leaders. This is the truth, not crucifying the NRA. Sure, let’s have stricter gun laws, but that will not make a dent. There will always be ways of killing whether it’s guns or poisoning or whatnot.

I blame the secularization of our schools and society. I blame the confusion and blatant attack on faith. Mr. President, how can you with a straight face not think this is an issue in our culture? How can any of you sit there and not think we have failed our youth? This is an issue that must be looked at in our schools. While we have tolerance for all things secular, we have abandoned Judeo-Christian values in our schools. This is the silent deadly killer in our nation.

Our Congress will fight over Planned Parenthood, but how about fighting over making sure we put prayer back in schools and let the message of faith and kindness begin our children’s curriculum each morning? This may not stop the increasing violence we see in our society, but in my heart of hearts I believe this would be a step in the right direction. I guarantee taking every legal weapon from every individual will not stop the killing. Besides, that is much more difficult than trying to give prayer and faith a rightful place with our youth.

In the mid-80s, I did work with an American Indian Shaman and mystic. I learned that man out of balance creates havoc. This is what we see today. When prayer in any form is denied and the concept of religion is looked at as an evil, certain youth are left with a void; hence they are susceptible to a mental and spiritual collapse. I believe this is what our politicians and educators should be held accountable to and for. We live in an addicted society that needs a twelve step program. Herein lies the answer. This is one of the most important issues of our time. Let’s politicize this, Mr. President. Let us PRAY.


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