Cathriona White Was Married at the Time of Her Suicide, Days After Breakup with Jim Carrey

Cathriona White / Instagram

Jim Carrey’s now deceased girlfriend, Cathriona White, was married at the time of her death, according to the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s office.

White, who died of a suspected suicide on Sept. 28, just days after her breakup from Carrey, was separated from an unidentified man, but planned to divorce him later this year.

Ed Winters, with the Medical Examiner’s office, told Us Weekly Monday of the makeup artist and Scientologist, “She had a husband and they were separated.”

Winters added the husband is legally White’s “legal next of kin,” and the couple had been apart for around five months.

A source close to her and the comedian also spoke to the mag, saying, “As far as Jim was concerned, Cathriona was separated… She was going to start divorce proceedings in December. There is no way that Jim Carrey would have taken her out to public places if he thought she was married.”

It is unknown when White got married, but new details about the 30-year-old and her relationship with Carrey, 53, are helping to shed light on her mental state leading up to her passing.

White was reportedly depressed and involved with the Church of Scientology. She was working to complete her Scientology “objectives” while taking a survival course at the group’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre.

She had also taken part in a “Purif” process, which is short for “Purification Rundown,” according to Scientology blogger Tony Ortega, who reported last week the process was “invented by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.”

Hubbard claimed Purif could “detoxify” the body through “an intense regimen of daily sauna sessions and massive doses of the vitamin niacin.”

Carrey had allegedly mocked her participation with Scientology, which led members of the group to become wary of him.

White was found dead on Sept. 28 in her Sherman Oaks, CA home by two friends who had stopped by to check on her after her relationship with Carrey had ended. The friends called police, who found the woman lifeless, alongside a suicide note that had Carrey’s name written in it.

White was also found with a cocktail of prescription drugs that were written for the comedian under an alias.


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