Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Under Fire for Joke Stealing … Again

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Because he is a Precious who the mainstream media will need to put Hillary Clinton in the White House, this story isn’t getting much national attention but the Internet is a abuzz with the news that “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah is being accused of stealing jokes from comedian Dave Chappelle.

Noah, who is already dealing with sagging ratings and bad reviews, appeared at Politicon in Los Angeles over the weekend. During his 20 minute stand up routine, Noah entertained the crowd with a series of jokes about being a  “racism connoisseur.”

“Before I came to America, I thought I knew all kinds of racism. I’ve always considered myself something of a racism connoisseur. …

Charming racism in America changed my life. I discovered it in a place called Lexington, Kentucky. Probably one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever been — charming, friendly people. Racism with a smile and a tip of the hat. … I was walking through the streets, a man walked up to me, didn’t know me from a bar of soap, came straight up to me and looked me dead in the eye, and he was like, ‘Good afternoon, n—er.’ ‘Good afternoon.’

Here is Chappelle in 1997:

“Traveling has made me a racism connoisseur, if you will. You know, it’s different region to region. Anyone ever been down South? So you guys know what I’m talking about. The racism down there is just f—ing (bon appetit gesture) — it’s perfect. Stewed to a perfection. It’s conformable. It’s out in the open. There are no secrets in Mississippi. Everybody knows the deal. ‘Morning, n—er!’ ‘Morning, sir!’

In April, Noah was accused of stealing from a number of comedians.


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