*Content Warning* Disturbing Details of Jared Fogle’s Fixation with Young Children Air on ‘Dr. Phil’

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Previously unheard telephone conversations between former Subway pitch man Jared Fogle and a former journalist, who spent years infiltrating her way into his depraved mind, aired on Thursday’s “Dr. Phil” show on CBS.

Rochelle Herman-Walrond, a one-time Sarasota, FL area reporter, initiated a federal investigation into Fogle, and spent four-and-a-half-years recording her conversations with him for the FBI. As a result of that investigation, Fogle is now awaiting sentencing on child sex and pornography charges, after he accepted a plea deal in August.

Previously unheard conversations with the 38-year-old married father of two young children reveal a level of depravity within Fogle that Herman-Walrond says left her feeling robbed of her innocence and left living with nightmares.

The woman describes Jared as a “monster.” Subsequently, her conversations with him reveal how far he was willing to go to use his wealth and status to lure children, most of them whom he believed to be already vulnerable, into sexual situations.

Many of the conversations from the years-long undercover operation start off innocently, however once Fogle believes he can trust Rochelle, he opens up about his attraction to kids.

During a number of sexually charged role-playing conversations, Fogle can be heard getting excited about the mere mention of young children, no matter their age or gender.

“Uh huh,” he says, breathing heavily throughout the conversations about pre-pubescent children.

Herman-Walrond clarified to “Dr. Phil” that the children she discusses with him are not real, and that she created them in order to protect real children, and also to give Fogle something to think about, as the FBI had given her specific instructions on how to go about helping the agency build a case against him and others.

In one conversation, the woman mentions a fictional female child, to which Fogle responds, “Okay, tell me about her.”

After Fogle learns that the young girl, who is under the age of 10, comes from a “broken home,” he becomes intrigued.

She has had a “tough home life,” Rochelle says.

Jared responds, “Uh huh,” while panting heavy.

Later in the conversation, when asked about possible targets for a threesome involving a child, Jared brings up the young girl, saying, “I think that girl from the broken home could be a possibility.”

He later lays out a strategy for manipulating her, saying, “Just show some affection” to her.

In one of the more disturbing exchanges, Jared asks Rochelle, “You wanna watch me f—k a young girl, too?”

He then asks, “Will you f—k a young boy…will you f—k a little f—king boy for me?”

After being informed of a potential target named Brad, who Rochelle says on the show is not real, Fogle presses, “how old is he?”

Of Brad, who is also under the age of 10, Jared asks, “have you thought about sucking brads d—k? Will you share it with me?”

He also raises the possibility of the pair heading to Thailand for sex with children.

“If were gonna try and get some young kids with us, it [Thailand] will make it easier,” he says.

On how to seduce young children, particularly children who have experienced tough life circumstances, Fogle says, “If we get em segregated where its just the three of us, telling stories… we get closer and closer and then it just happens.”

Jared also reveals through the conversations that he sees all children as “possibilities,” but prefers boys and girls around the age of 11.

Once he learns the ages of Herman-Walrond’s children, who are 10 and 11, he asks, “Can I see your kids naked?”

No matter the age or gender, Jared recommends, “get them as sexed up” and we can see what “works out.”

Part 2 of Herman-Walrond’s interview with Dr. Phil McGraw will air on CBS Friday.


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