Video: Facebook Manager of Global Community Development Allegedly Tried to Meet 13-Year-Old Boy for Sex

Facebook, now known as Meta, has fired a manager of global community development after he was caught on tape allegedly trying to meet with a 13-year-old boy for sex. The Masters of the Universe claimed to Breitbart News that “the seriousness of these allegations cannot be overstated,” but one TechCrunch reporter claims the company attempted to talk him out of covering the story, claiming it was not newsworthy.

Facebook Manager accused of Pedoohilia

SUNY Fredonia Bars Pedo-Defender Professor from Campus

A State University of New York at Fredonia (SUNY Fredonia) professor who was caught on video defending pedophilia, “even with a one-year-old,” has been barred from campus pending an investigation into comments that were called “absolutely abhorrent” by the university’s president.

Prof Stephen Kershnar of SUNY Fredonia

‘Even With a One-Year-Old:’ SUNY Fredonia ‘Reviewing’ Prof After He Defends Pedophilia

A State University of New York at Fredonia (SUNY Fredonia) professor is under review after video clips surfaced on social media of him defending pedophilia. In the videos, the professor said it’s “not obvious” to him that pedophilia is “wrong.” Professor Stephen Kershnar claims in a video that adults having sex with children can be ‘permissible,’ saying: “the notion that it’s wrong, even with a one-year-old, it’s not quite obvious to me.”

SUNY Prof Stephen Kershnar

Sony Fires Playstation Executive Accused by Amateur Pedophile Sting Operation

A prominent Sony executive who worked on the company’s massively popular Playstation gaming console has reportedly been fired after being accused by a group of amateur pedophile hunters in an online sting operation. The group claims that George Cacioppo gave his address to someone he thought was a 15-year-old boy for an alleged sexual encounter, but it was really a participant in the sting operation.

video game

Pedophile-Defending Old Dominion U. Professor Resigns

Old Dominion University professor Allyn Walker — who was put on leave after claiming that sexual attraction to children is not always immoral, and that he wants to destigmatize pedophiles by referring to them as “minor-attracted persons” (MAPs), instead — has resigned.

Old Dominion Prof Allyn Walker