WATCH: The Constitution Strikes Back Episode VIII – The Cruzade Starring Ted Cruz


When Senator Ted Cruz quoted from Star Wars during his filibuster against Obamacare in September of 2013, I had a vision of Cruz as a galactic rebel warrior who would one day lead America back from the progressive abyss.

Since then, as I attended CPAC and screened my films nationwide, it became clear that Cruz was the one true conservative who could win the White House. Simply put, Cruz was in a league of his own. In my mind, no politician came close to his appeal amongst Conservatives and his potential appeal to Independents and Reagan Democrats.

It was also obvious to me, from the perspective of a film maker, that Senator Cruz had the “it factor.” Cruz had the charisma, the charm, the chops, and the energy that make up a rock star persona that could propel him to the White House. And above all, I saw Ted Cruz as a unifying figure, not a divisive one as portrayed by the leftist media.

Our Constitutional framework was designed by the founders as a unifying document to force opposing sides to come together–that is the genius of the checks and balances they built into the Constitution. The divisiveness in Washington was created over the past seven years by the Obama-Clinton administration’s decision to by-pass the Constitutional arrangement and rule by executive decree.

As a U.S. Senator and Constitutionalist, Cruz had always stood to defend the Constitution and the rule of law. I came to believe Ted Cruz was the one man who could bring America back together, by returning the country to our natural formula for compromise and success–the Constitutional process.

The Constitution Strikes Back video

This past summer, when I saw the trailer for the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, I knew it was time to produce a satire of the next Star Wars movie, starring Ted Cruz. The Constitution Strikes Back: Episode VIII, The Cruzade was the result.

I created the video in Maya, a cutting edge 3D animation and modeling software program which makes it possible to simulate the movements of objects and facial expressions to portray emotions in animated characters.

In the plot, Senator Cruz receives a Constitution from space that becomes a light saber. He rides a regal elephant across America, uniting the elephants, the Republicans, leading them to Washington DC to save America from destruction at the hands of the evil donkeys, the Democrats.

Of course, he has to defeat the RINOS along the way, the establishment Republicans, who are protecting President Obama! I think the video is a dynamic satire, all done with original music, that captures the charisma and character of Ted Cruz. The Constitution Strikes Back should set a new standard for graphics in political satires.

I have produced several political documentaries in recent years, through my company, Highway 61 Entertainment. In my 2010 film, Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad’s Coming War and Obama’s Politics of Defeat, I highlighted Iran as a grave threat to the United States. The film illustrated how Barack Obama’s approach to diplomacy with Iran was profoundly misguided and dangerous. I screened Atomic Jihad at CPAC in 2010, and it won the Hudson Institute film festival that year. Featured at the 2012 Republican National Convention, my 2012 film, Dreams from My Real Father, was an alternate history of Barack Obama’s life. My 2014 film, There’s No Place Like Utopia, was a take off on the Wizard of Oz. I “pulled back the curtain” on the progressive fantasy of creating paradise on earth, Utopia, and showed how progressives were destroying America to “remake the world as it should be.”

When Barack Obama began issuing executive orders and defying the law, I was not surprised. I had come to understand how the radical left viewed the world when making this film. Leftists compare America to paradise, to perfection, Utopia. The Leftist conclusion is that America must be destroyed in order to build the perfect society and achieve Utopia. Its the same destructive passion that led to 100 million people being murdered by progressives in the 20th century during peace time.

Those who did not conform to the Utopian fantasy were eliminated through starvation, gulags, and mass murder. Conservatives have a different view of the world. We compare America to reality, to the rest of the world, not to Utopia. And when we compare our freedoms, our Constitution, and way of life to other countries, we rightfully conclude that America is the greatest country on earth, perhaps in the history of mankind. Conservatives want to build up America and progressives want to bring it down, that’s the difference in a nutshell.

I think The Constitution Strikes Back illustrates very well that we are today living in the Star Wars universe of good versus evil. May the force be with Ted Cruz!




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