Transgender Fashion Model Lands First Major Magazine Cover After Gender Surgery


Transgender fashion model Andreja Pejic has landed himself on the cover of a major fashion magazine and will adorn the March issue of Marie Claire Spain.

Born male as Andrej in Bosnia, Pejic had previously been designated an androgynous model; however, the 24-year-old underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2014, and he has been modeling as a female ever since.

Entertainment Tonight reports Pejic will be featured on the cover of Marie Claire Spain with a headline reading “Romper el tabu Andreja Pejic la top transsexual (en portada),” which translates to “Breaking the taboos, Andreaja Pejic, the top transsexual.”

The transgender model told the outlet in 2014, “I realized my past as an androgynous model doesn’t make me any less of a woman today … And I’m proud of it.”

Pejic added he knew at age 13 changing genders was “something I always had to do.”

Last February, Pejic appeared on a catwalk at London Fashion Week.

Two months later, in April, he became the first trans model to be featured in a photo spread in Vogue.


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