Black Celebrities to Host #JusticeForFlint Event to Rival Oscars

Black Celebrities to Host #JusticeForFlint Event to Rival Oscars
Blackout for Human Rights/Facebook

Hollywood A-list directors Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler and other black entertainers like singer Janelle Monae and comedian Hannibal Burress, among others, will host a #JUSTICEFORFLINT event during the broadcast of the Oscars.

#JUSTICEFORFLINT is a free event sponsored by Blackout for Human Rights, an activist group founded by “Creed” director Ryan Coogler.

Comedian Hannibal Burress, who rose to national prominence after his on-stage jokes about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assaults went viral, will host the event.

“With the #JUSTICEFORFLINT benefit event we will give a voice to the members of the community who were the victims of the choices of people in power who are paid to protect them, as well as provide them with a night of entertainment, unity, and emotional healing,” Coogler said of the event.

Last month, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declared that Flint, Michigan, is in a state of emergency. In February 2015, the city’s water tested at 104 parts per billion (ppb) lead. The latest testing found some of the highest level of lead found in water in the stats history, at 13,000 (ppb).

#JUSTICEFORFLINT’s creators say their event, which is also available on live stream via, is meant to bring national awareness to the plight of the people in Flint.

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