Bernie Sanders Campaign Mocks Hillary Clinton’s High-Dollar Clooney Fundraiser


Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign mocked rival Hillary Clinton’s expensive planned fundraisers with George Clooney in California next month, telling supporters in an email that the exorbitant ticket prices for the events prove that his campaign is the one that represents “working Americans.”

George and Amal Clooney are set to host Clinton for a pair of back-to-back fundraisers in San Francisco and Los Angeles in April. Two seats at the head table with Mr. and Mrs. Clooney and Clinton at the April 15 San Francisco event will set supporters back a staggering $353,400, far more than most regular Clinton fundraising events.

“In the movie Oceans 11, a gang of lovable thieves successfully heist $150 million from a vault in the basement of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver wrote in an email to supporters on Friday, according to The Hill. “Fueled primarily from high-dollar donations, Hillary Clinton has raised more than that in this campaign, and is now enlisting the support of George Clooney (Danny Ocean) to pad that total at a dinner event that will cost people up to $353,400 to attend.”

Weaver reportedly called the ticket price “an obscene amount of money,” and added that it would take a minimum wage-earner working 365 days a year nearly five years to pay that sum.

“Here is the truth: while tens of millions of Americans are struggling to put dinner on the table, the wealthiest people in this country have never had it so good,” Weaver concluded in the email. “And the great question of this campaign is will we restore a vibrant democracy in this country, or will we slide into an oligarchy in which the economic and political life is controlled by a handful of billionaires?”

The night following the San Francisco event, the Clooneys will host Clinton at their Studio City home for a $33,400 per-ticket fundraiser. (Clinton supporters who don’t have the cash to spare can enter to win admission to the event by texting CLOONEY to 47246).

DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeff Katzenberg, director Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw will co-host the April 16 fundraiser at the Clooney residence, along with Clinton’s top Hollywood donor, billionaire entertainment mogul Haim Saban and his wife Cheryl.


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