Watch: Celebs Beg Bernie Sanders Supporters to Vote in Ad: ‘Retweets Won’t Get Him the Nomination’

Watch: Celebs Beg Bernie Sanders Supporters to Vote in Ad: ‘Retweets Won’t Get Him the Nomination’

Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo, Danny DeVito, and Rosario Dawson are just a few of the Hollywood stars pleading with supporters of Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders to show up and vote in a new political ad.

In an ad titled, “Vote C’mon Everybody,” that was first shared by People magazine on Tuesday, a collective of stars ask voters to support Sanders by actively showing up to vote in upcoming primaries.

In the ad that was directed by David Moscow — which also stars Emily Ratajkowski, Justin Bartha, Josh Hutcherson, and others — celebs remind Sanders’s supporters that retweets and shares do not equate to actual votes.

“If we want Bernie Sanders for president, we have to vote for him,” the stars say. “Our individual donations, our social media support helped to start the revolution, but our likes, and shares, and retweets won’t get him the nomination. We must vote. We have to go to the polls or mail in our ballots.”

The stars also boast about Sanders’s victories over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Michigan, Vermont, Colorado, Maine, Nebraska, Idaho, Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and other places.

“Show up for Bernie the way Bernie is gonna show up for us,” they declare. “Your vote is your voice. Be heard.”


The Sanders campaign has courted masses of high-profile supporters in recent months, but to little avail. Sanders trailed Clinton by nearly 200 pledged delegates before Clinton’s decisive victory on Tuesday in the New York primary (not including superdelegates).

Enlisting celebrity help in requesting its supporters actually show up and vote is also becoming a theme for the Sanders campaign.

A Sanders ad that was directed by Spike Lee and released last weekend urged New York Democrats to support Sanders over Clinton. In that ad, Rosario Dawson reminded supporters: “We need you … don’t be just liking us online, you gotta get in line. It’s time vote. Show up.”


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