WATCH: Emma Thompson Stages Eco Protest; Sprayed With Manure By Irate Farmer

Emma Thompson
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson has been sprayed with manure by an irate farmer after trespassing on his land to protest about fracking.

Once feted as a great actress, director and screenwriter for films including Nanny McPhee, Harry Potter and her Oscar-winning adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, Thompson has since become better known for her environmental activism – famed for such outrageous stunts as her bold decision to name her daughter Gaia (after the Earth Goddess).

On this occasion, Thompson had gone to a field in Lancashire to stage a protest with her sister Sophie on behalf of Greenpeace. The two women dressed in aprons and baked cakes – one depicting a wind turbine, the other a “solar lemon cake”.

Emma Thompson said she was staging the so-called “Frack Free Bake Off” in order to “show the government that we will not allow fracking to scar our countryside and fuel yet more climate change”.

In order to make the protest, the Thompson women scaled a fence with a sign clearly showing that they were in breach of an injunction not to trespass on land leased by the fracking company Cuadrilla.

Their antics did not impress the landowner, who objected that the two luvvies were getting in the way of his work and livelihood – and drove at the protesters with his muck-spreader, spraying them with manure. Unfortunately, the Thompson sisters escaped the worst of it.

The police arrived but made no arrests.


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