Robert Downey Jr.: ‘Budding Feminist’ Iron Man Would Vote for Hillary Clinton

Stark Clinton

Robert Downey Jr. says that, as a rule, he doesn’t make endorsements in presidential elections — but that didn’t stop the actor from speculating about who his most famous character, Tony Stark/Iron Man, would choose in this year’s contentious race.

In an interview with Howard Stern this weekend, Downey Jr. said that Iron Man would cast his vote for Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

“I believe Tony [Stark], being a budding feminist, he would say it’s time to have some feminine energy in the White House,” the actor told Stern on the shock jock’s popular Sirius XM radio show.

“So you’re saying Tony Stark endorses Hillary Clinton?” Stern pressed.

“He does,” Downey Jr. replied.

When pushed to make his own endorsement in the race, Downey Jr. played it safe: “I’m going to vote. That’s what’s important.”

The actor appears as Iron Man in the just-released Captain America: Civil War, where he gets into a nasty political feud with fellow superhero Captain America (played by Chris Evans).

Stern also asked Downey Jr. whether Captain America might vote for now-ex-GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

“If you go along with his points of view in the movie, he would back up whoever was for accountability,” Downey Jr. responded. “It’s a great year, I tell you.”

Captain America: Civil War took in a massive $181.8 million at the North American box office in its first weekend of release, good enough for the fifth-largest film opening of all time, according to Box Office Mojo.


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