Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Health Issues’ Could Prevent Her from Getting Dem Nomination

Brian Losness/Reuters

Susan Sarandon refused to endorse Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical matchup between Clinton and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, telling Larry King in an interview that a number of unforeseen things could still happen to prevent Clinton from clinching her Party’s nomination.

In an interview with King on Monday, the 69-year-old Oscar-winning actress said she would “wait and see what happens” before endorsing a candidate in what is presumed to be a Trump-Clinton general election matchup this fall.

“I’m not saying I endorse Hillary,” the Thelma and Louise star told King. “I’m not. I’m gonna say I’m gonna wait and see what happens. There’s a lot of things that could happen.”

When pressed by an incredulous King as to what might happen to prevent Clinton from advancing to the general, a defiant Sarandon replied: “So many things.”

“She could have health issues. She could not get the nomination,” Sarandon added.

“You think Bernie [Sanders] could get it?” King asked.

“Yeah, I think he can,” she responded. “He’s a miracle that he’s even in this. I think that… now he’s been to the Pope, maybe there’s another miracle that’s going to happen.”

Clinton currently leads Sanders by a wide margin in both pledged delegates and so-called superdelegates, Democrat party insiders and officials who may cast a vote for whomever they please regardless of primary outcome. According to CBS News, Clinton needs only to win 17 percent of the remaining pledged delegates to secure the Democrat nomination outright.

Clinton’s health has long been an issue in this year’s election cycle, most recently when the candidate disappeared from the ABC Democratic presidential debate stage in December for an extended period of time for what her campaign said was an extended bathroom break. Breitbart News previously reported that a law enforcement source believed the extended break stemmed from a flare-up of a previous brain injury, though the Clinton campaign refuted the report.

Sarandon is one of Sanders’ most vocal celebrity supporters. In February, the actress wrote on Twitter that it is “insulting” that other people think she would vote for Clinton based on gender alone, writing: “I don’t vote with my vagina.” The actress has also said that “passionate and principled” Sanders supporters may have trouble voting for Clinton in a general election.


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