FBI Warns Soundgarden Frontman Chris Cornell About Escaped Stalker

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office/Getty Images

The FBI has contacted Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell to inform him that his stalker has escaped and is at large.

Cornell’s stalker, Jessica Robbins, reportedly removed her court-ordered GPS ankle monitor and skipped out on a scheduled hearing at federal court in New York City on Tuesday, according to TMZ.

Robbins was arrested in July 2014 and accused of stalking and harassing Cornell, who also sang in the band Audioslave.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Robbins posted up to 100 messages a day online about Cornell and his wife, Vicky.

The harassment was so frightening to the couple that they pulled their two young children out of a New York City school for fear that Robbins would find and harm them, the newspaper reported.

At various times, Robbins also contacted New York Child Protective Services and filed a complaint against Vicky Cornell, accusing her of being a drug addict and abusing her children, and posted videos online accusing Chris Cornell of plagiarizing her writings.

After her arrest, Robbins’s travel and Internet access were reportedly restricted and she was ordered to wear a GPS ankle monitor. She was also required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and was ordered to stay 1,000 feet away from a venue that Soundgarden had performed in that summer.

U.S. Marshals and Florida law enforcement are currently searching for Robbins after a bench warrant was issued for her arrest on Wednesday, according to TMZ.

Cornell is scheduled to play two concerts in Florida next month, both within a short distance from Robbins’ last known whereabouts in Tampa.


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