Don Cheadle Tells Trump: ‘Die In a Grease Fire’


Actor Don Cheadle unloaded on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a day-long Twitter tirade on Saturday, calling him a “POS” and suggesting that people of his “ilk” are responsible for conditions in violence-plagued cities like Chicago.

The 51-year-old House of Lies actor kicked off a series of Twitter posts by responding to a tweet in which Trump suggested that the ongoing gun violence in Chicago would prompt more African-American voters to cast their ballots for him in November.

“You are truly a POS,” Cheadle tweeted in the first of more than two dozen messages the actor posted on Saturday.

“Sorry. I misspelled ‘die in a grease fire,'” he followed up shortly afterward.

When one Twitter user told Cheadle the candidate was “clearly right” about the severity of violence in Chicago, the actor responded that people like Trump are “contributors to the conditions” that make the city so violent. The actor also accused the Republican nominee of throwing out “red meat” to his “alt-right troglodytes.”

Cheadle continued to combat his social media followers and take shots at Trump throughout the day:

The actor returned to his Twitter account Sunday morning to contend that he was not passing judgement on all of Trump’s supporters, just the “hateful, bigoted racists.”

While Cheadle conceded in his Twitter rant that both Trump and Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton both have “negatives,” Cheadle appears to be supporting Clinton in the 2016 race.

In July, the actor contributed his voice to a pro-Clinton climate change warning video directed by James Cameron that aired at the Democratic National Convention.


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