Ben Affleck in PSA: Register to Vote or ‘This Whole Damn Nation Is Cursed’


Ben Affleck became the latest A-list celebrity to star in a get-out-the-vote PSA Wednesday, as part of NextGen Climate and Funny or Die’s “Everyone Votes!” campaign.

“So if you give a shit about women’s rights, [if] you care about keeping the environment safe for future generations — ever hear of it? — if you care about people getting to piss in the fucking bathroom of their choice, then guess who’s got your back in this election?” Affleck asks in the new parody video. “That’s right — my basically home state New Hampshire.”

Affleck is seen standing in front of a green screen, which shows various photos of New Hampshire scenery.

“The people from New Hampshire are going to have to register and vote,” The Accountant star says. “Otherwise, this whole damn nation is going to be cursed.”

Affleck concludes by stressing the existential importance of New Englanders becoming registered voters.

“Register to vote, New Hampshire,” Affleck says. “All of New England is counting on you.”

NextGen, a climate change-centered nonprofit that targets millennial voters through celebrity ad campaigns, last featured a get-out-the vote PSA starring comedian and actor Aziz Ansari.

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