Exclusive Video – Jackie Mason on the Oscars: Plumbers Should Get the Awards, ‘We Can Live Without’ Anti-Trump Movie Stars

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

With buzz surrounding the Academy Awards heating up just days before the show, Jackie says that instead of armchair critics debating whether La La Land or Moonlight will win Best Picture, the country should be focused on recognizing a different group of hard-working Americans.

“The most important conversation in America now is about which movie [will win], which Oscar…. who cares?” Jackie says. “It’s not going to affect your life; it’s not going to make any difference. You know what we should be discussing? Who’s the best plumber. Because a plumber is a lot more important than an actor. And you know what’s more important than a movie? A toilet.”

“You can’t get into a toilet, you’re in a lot of trouble. You can’t get into a movie, who cares?” he added. “You ever see a guy who can’t get into a toilet? Can’t walk, can’t move. It looks like he was hit by lightning.”

Besides, Jackie explains, an awards show for plumbers would be a lot more entertaining than watching movie stars all say the exact same thing in their Oscars acceptance speeches: “To hell with Trump.”

It will be a contest to see which actor can say they hate Trump the most, Jackie says: “‘I want to thank my daughter, my cousin and my brother-in-law… you thought [the previous guy] hated Trump? That’s nothing compared to how much I hate Trump.’ And then another guy: ‘Do you know how much those two people hate Trump? That’s nothing compared to what I wish on Trump, and I hope he gets it faster than everybody else gets it.'”

Either way, Jackie’s probably tuning out.

Watch his full clip above.


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