Bob Weinstein Speaks: Brother Harvey ‘a Very Sick Man’

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After a flood of sexual harassment allegations, Harvey Weinstein’s younger brother and former business partner Bob Weinstein spoke out Tuesday about the accusations, calling his brother “a very sick man” and his remorse “hollow.”

“My brother Harvey is obviously a very sick man,” Bob told TMZ in a statement. “I’ve urged him to seek immediate professional help because he is in dire need of it. His remorse and apologies to the victims of his abuse are hollow. He said he would go away for help and has yet to do so.”

The statement comes in the wake of a now-infamous New York Times report that listed allegations of harassment of young women by Harvey Weinstein spanning three decades. The accusations involved top or aspiring actresses who met Weinstein on the premise of discussing a project.

Since the New York Times report, dozens of other women have come forward to accuse Weinstein of sexual misconduct, while actress Asia Argento and two other women accused the disgraced producer of rape.

The elder Weinstein has issued apologies for his behavior and has reportedly checked himself into rehab for sex addiction, while the FBI is reportedly pursuing its own investigation.

The Weinstein brothers founded Miramax together in the 1970s, producing a string of cinema hits in the 1990s such as Pulp Fiction, before going on to co-found the Weinstein Company in 2005. TWC fired Harvey on Sunday in the wake of the allegations.

“He has proven himself to be a world-class liar and now, rather than seeking help, he is looking to blame others,” Bob Weinstein told TMZ. “His assertion is categorically untrue from A to Z. I pray he gets the help that he needs and I believe that it is him behind all of these stories to distract from his own failure to get help.”

ABC News suggested that this reference was in response to reported claims by “longtime friend” of Harvey who claims he believes his firing was a “takedown” and that “he feels betrayed by his brother.”

CNN reported this week that Bob had been one of the board members who voted to terminate his brother’s contract with TWC.

On Thursday, the New York Times reported that board members at TWC knew in 2015 Harvey Weinstein had settled with at least three women.


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