Singer Björk: Film Director ‘Punished’ and Sexually Harassed Me

Bjork performs on stage at 'Live 8 Japan' at Makuhari Messe on July 2, 2005 in C
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Iceland-born singer and actress Björk speak out about her own experiences of harassment in the film industry, writing Sunday that she was inspired by the women who’ve accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment or rape.

“I am inspired by the women everywhere who are speaking up online to tell about my experience with a danish director,” the actress wrote in an extensive message on Facebook.

“It was extremely clear to me when i walked into the actresses profession that my humiliation and role as a lesser sexually harassed being was the norm and set in stone with the director and a staff of dozens who enabled it and encouraged it,” she continued. “I became aware of that it is a universal thing that a director can touch and harass his actresses at will and the institution of film allows it.”

While not naming the film director who she claims harassed her, the actress said: “When i turned the director down repeatedly he sulked and punished me and created for his team an impressive net of illusion where i was framed as the difficult one.”

Björk’s most notable film role came in 2000’s Dancer In The Dark, helmed by Danish director Lars Von Trier in whom she famously clashed with on set. The singer has starred in dozens of shorts and musical videos over the years.

Trier denied sexually harassing Björk, telling Danish daily Jyllands-Posten Monday “that was not the case,” the Sun Daily reports.

Bjork won a Best Actress prize at the Cannes film festival in 2000 for her leading role in Dancer. 

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