Weinstein Co. Hong Kong Associate Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Seven Women

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 04: Asian Film Fund Vice President Bey Logan attends the Asian Film Fund Forum Presentation during the 13th Pusan International Film Festival at on October 4, 2008 in Busan, South Korea. The biggest film festival in Asia showcases 315 films from 60 countries. (Photo by …
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Bey Logan, an associate of Harvey Weinstein who worked as a Hong Kong-based executive at The Weinstein Company, has been accused by at least seven women of sexual misconduct, including actress Sable Yu, who starred in an unfinished film he directed, according to a Wednesday report in local media.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

In 2011, Yu was the lead actress in Snowblade, a genre film involving “martial arts, violence, and nudity,” according to Logan’s own description in a written statement sent to HK01. Yu tells HK01 in an on-camera interview that Logan made her strip to her underwear on a daily basis so that he could inspect her body “for whether or not she had gained weight,” apparently due to the amount of nudity the film required.

On another occasion, Yu tells of a time Logan tweaked her nipple in front of the whole crew, an act that made her “livid.” “This is very degrading to a woman,” Yu says of the incident. “I felt that somebody literally threw sh*t in my face.”

Yu was not alone. The HK01 report includes six other women who reveal their encounters with Logan that veered toward either the sexually inappropriate or direct harassment. One of them, an Australian-Chinese actress based in Beijing who chose to remain anonymous, said she worked as Logan’s interpreter on the set of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Sword of Destiny in the Chinese capital in 2015. After a 20-hour day working on the Great Wall of China, Logan offered up his hotel room to the actress for a short rest, as she was not allocated one due to her Beijing residence.

The actress recalls being woken up by Logan’s presence in the bed. He then kissed her, tried to take off her clothes and put his head between her legs. She pushed him away and stopped him. “He wanted to perform oral sex on me, and took off my underwear,” she tells HK01. “I said, ‘no, don’t do that.'” She said she felt his erection, and he told her, “I need something.” The actress says she immediately left the hotel after saying no to Logan.

After the main investor of Logan’s Snowblade pulled out in 2011, the project was halted and left unfinished. However, from 2012 until early 2017, Logan continued to host casting sessions for the female lead of the film. Allegedly, according to five women who attended the casting sessions and who spoke with HK01, he would often ask them to be half or fully nude.

When pressed about these allegations, Logan said in a telephone interview with HK01, “I definitely never forced myself on anybody, never had to force myself on anybody.”

Read the full report at the Hollywood Reporter.


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