Stephen King Apologizes for Claiming Fatal GOP Train Crash Was ‘Karma’

American author Stephen King poses for photographers on November 13, 2013 in Paris, before a book signing event dedicated to the release of his new book 'Doctor Sleep', the sequel to his 1977 novel 'The Shining'. The best-selling author has written over 50 novels and sold 350 million copies worldwide. …

Stephen King has apologized for claiming this week’s fatal train crash, which carried Republican congressmen, was “karma.”

King had responded on Twitter to this week’s fatal train crash, which was carrying Republican congressmen and killed one person, by claiming it was “karma” on Thursday.

“A trainload of Republicans on their way to a pricey retreat hit a garbage truck. My friend Russ calls that karma,” he posted, receiving over 21,000 likes.

King, however, soon apologized, declaring, “Of COURSE sorry the truck driver died.” (Christopher Foley, the passenger in the truck, passed away from his injuries).

“A rather thoughtless tweet from me concerning the train-truck crash, for which I apologize (if one is necessary),” he said. “It should be pointed out, too, that those Republican politicians, who can be heartless when they vote, immediately got out to help.”

The apology received fewer likes than the post calling the train crash “karma,” which King has yet to delete.

As previously reported, the Amtrak train which was carrying dozens of Republican members of Congress and staff crashed into a truck, killing one person and injuring others:

Christopher Foley, 28, the passenger of the garbage truck that hit the train, died from his injuries.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Rep, Thomas Massie (R-KY), and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) were all on the train as it crashed.

King, a prominent left-wing activist in Hollywood, has been a vocal critic of President Trump — demanding his removal from office last year.

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