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New York’s Summer Subway Crisis Puts More Pressure on Cuomo, De Blasio

NEW YORK CITY — Commuters in the Big Apple are having another rotten week after a track fire shut down four subway lines, pictures of which were plastered all over the front pages of the city’s newspapers Tuesday — putting more pressure on Democratic politicians in charge of making the trains run.

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Trump Trying to Dump Amtrak’s $298 Subsidy for Long-Haul Trips

The Trump administration plans to dump about half of Amtrak’s $1.4 billion annual taxpayer subsidy by ending long-haul passenger services that cost taxpayers about $298 per round-trip and whose on-time performance is as low as 6 percent.

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200 Evacuated from Amtrak in Armed Standoff

Nearly two hundred people were evacuated from an Amtrak train in Chatsworth, in the San Fernando Valley, after authorities received reports of an armed man aboard the train.

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Amtrak Southwest Chief from L.A. Derails in Kansas

The Amtrak Southwest Chief, which runs from Los Angeles to Chicago, derailed overnight in Kansas with 140 passengers aboard. There were no fatalities, and local news site reported about two dozen injuries, none critical.

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Preliminary Report on Amtrak Crash: No Infrastructure Anomalies

What did cause the crash, if not heartless penny-pinching Republican budget-cutters? “Based on the NTSB’s preliminary review of the train’s event recorder data, the train was travelling at 106 mph before the emergency brake system engaged. The data indicated that the engineer activated the emergency brakes seconds before the derailment.”

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Amtrak Payout to Victims of Deadly Crash Limited to $200 Million Under Law

WASHINGTON (AP) — For the first time, Amtrak could face a $200 million payout to train crash victims — the limit set by Congress. But that may be too low to cover the costs of the eight lives lost and more than 200 people injured in last week’s derailment in Philadelphia.


FBI Joins Amtrak Crash Investigation, Feds Talk To Engineer

As federal officials investigate the deadly Amtrak crash, the local NBC News affiliate reports that “investigators have asked the FBI to look at whether a projectile hit Amtrak Regional 188 moments before it sped up and derailed at a curve in Philadelphia Tuesday night.”


Chris Matthews: Republicans ‘Treat Trains Like Hispanics’

MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews said that Republicans “treat trains like Hispanics” on Thursday. Matthews argued that AMTRAK could “unite this country. It wouldn’t be flyover country, it would be one country again. Rail could bring us together. Culturally, it


Krauthammer: Dem Response to Amtrak Crash ‘Brain-Dead Liberalism’

On Thursday’s “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer took aim at the response from some congressional Democrats’ reactions to the Amtrak train wreck in Pennsylvania earlier this week. Democrats have attacked Republicans for

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Amtrak’s New Speed Control System Was Installed — But Never Turned On

Many raised questions on Wednesday, asking why the new speed reduction system wasn’t installed to help stop the speeding Amtrak train derailment that killed 8 on Tuesday. But now reports reveal that the new system actually had been installed, but was never turned on.

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Amtrak Engineer Claims He Has ‘No Memory’ of Derailment

The engineer who was piloting the Amtrak train that derailed Tuesday evening, causing eight fatalities so far, is claiming that he has “no memory” of the accident and “no explanation” for why it occurred.


For Decades Taxpayers Subsidized Millionaire Chris Matthews’ Amtrak Fare

  Hallelujah for the federal government! Hallelujah for federal takeovers of the private economy! Hallelujah for socialism that means people much poorer than Chris Matthews are subsidizing Chris Matthews’ Amtrak travel. Wednesday night on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” lik almost all of


Railroad Crashes Are Up, with Amtrak Leading the Pack

As the nation comes to grips with Tuesday evening’s Amtrak accident that took the lives of seven passengers, government sources reveal that rail accidents and derailments have increased over the last few years, with Amtrak’s rates higher than the rest.


NTSB: Amtrak Train Going Twice Speed Limit Prior to Derailment

Using its verified Twitter account, the National Transportation Safety Board reported Wednesday afternoon that the Amtrak train that derailed Tuesday night in Philadelphia was moving at 100 miles per hour just prior to the derailment and crash that killed 7 and injured more than 200. According to the other reports, 100 miles per hour is twice the speed limit at the point of the crash, which was along a sharp curve. Along with 238 passengers, there were 5 crewmembers aboard the train when it crashed at around 9;30 p.m. Tuesday night.

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Big Government: The Cause Of, and Solution To, All Problems

Just as the last Republican in Detroit or Baltimore will be blamed for every problem faced by those troubled cities, despite generations of unchallenged Democrat rule; just as the public education system will never have enough money, no matter how lavish its per-pupil expenditures, and disappointing its results; just as the War on Poverty needs fresh financial ammunition, despite spending trillions over the course of decades to negligible effect; so everything wrong with Amtrak will be blamed on whoever resists the next demand for subsidy money.