Stephen King

Director Says MAGA Rallies Inspired Mass Death Scene on CBS Drama ‘The Stand’

“I watched MAGA rallies as a reference,” said director Vincenzo Natali explaining inspiration he drew from for a mass death scene in the finale of his version of Stephen King’s “The Stand” from Donald Trump’s campaign rallies. In the CBS streaming version of King’s often serialized book, villain Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgård) presides over brainwashed followers and their debauchery inside a Las Vegas casino-hotel complex converted into a hedonistic cathedral for him and his acolytes.


Stephen King: Polls Say Trump Won’t Win, But They Said It Wouldn’t Happen in 2016

Bestselling author and producer Stephen King is blaming President Donald Trump for a divided America, claiming that it is the president’s fault that the United States is the most divided it has been “since the Civil War.” Still, the It author says election polls could be wrong about Trump’s chances to win reelection like they were in 2016. 


Stephen King Goes After MAGA: Is 90K Virus Deaths ‘Enough’ For You?

Horror author and Hollywood producer Stephen King is worth an estimated $400 million. Inoculated from the effects of economic lockdowns that working-class families and entrepreneurs face, King is making light of the 90,000-plus already killed by the Chinese coronavirus while appearing to blame Trump supporters for their deaths.

DUNDALK, MD - NOVEMBER 11: Stephen King promotes 'Under The Dome' at the North P