Train Crash

Death Toll in Egypt Train Collision Reaches 43

Two passenger trains collided on Friday just outside Egypt’s Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, killing 43 people, according to authorities, the country’s deadliest rail accident in more than a decade.

Egyptians donate their blood at a hospital following a train crash in Badrasheen, 40 KM South Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013. At least 19 people died and more than 100 were injured when two railroad passenger cars derailed just south of Cairo, health officials say. The accident comes less …

PICS: 40 Injured, 1 Seriously, In Spanish Train Crash

MADRID (AP) — Emergency services say 40 people received medical treatment after a morning commuter train they were traveling on crashed into the buffers in a station in northeastern Barcelona early Friday


Woman Escapes Doomed Prius on Train Tracks

A female driver made a harrowing escape from an oncoming train Tuesday night when she abandoned her Prius on railroad tracks, leaving her car to be totaled by a locomotive heading to Sacramento.

Railroad crossing (Google Maps)

21 Injured in Rome Train Crash

A subway train bumped into another one ahead of it at a station in southern Rome on Friday, throwing passengers to the floor and injuring a dozen people. Passengers emerging from the station reported feeling the impact, seeing sparks and

Two Metro Trains Collide in Rome

Railroad Crashes Are Up, with Amtrak Leading the Pack

As the nation comes to grips with Tuesday evening’s Amtrak accident that took the lives of seven passengers, government sources reveal that rail accidents and derailments have increased over the last few years, with Amtrak’s rates higher than the rest.


Report: Plitt Died Trying to Outrun Train

Fitness expert and television actor Greg Plitt, who was struck and killed by a train in Burbank on Saturday, was reportedly trying to outrun a train while filming a commercial for an energy drink when the train hit him.