Michael Ian Black: ‘The Solution Is to Repeal and Replace the Second Amendment’

Comedian Michael Ian Black attends the 4th Annual Town & Country Philanthropy Summit a
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Actor Michael Ian Black took to Twitter on Sunday, a day after thousands of students marched in favor of gun control, and claimed that a solution to gun-related violence is “to repeal and replace and the Second Amendment.”

“I’ll say it – assault weapons aren’t the problem. Handguns are the problem. By all means, ban AR-15s and the like, but handguns kill far more people,” Black tweeted, adding, “The solution is to repeal and replace the Second Amendment. Make gun ownership a privilege, not a right.”

Black’s tweet makes one point that has been made again and again in the face of the Democrat’s push to ban “assault weapons.” Namely, that “assault weapons” are rarely used in crime. FBI crime stats showed that over four times as many people were stabbed to death in 2016 than were shot to death with rifles of any kinds. But Black turns that fact into a call for outright repeal on any protection on the right to keep and bear arms.

Notice his words, “The solution is repeal and replace the Second Amendment. Make gun ownership a privilege, not a right.”

Black followed up his “repeal and replace” tweet with this:

The Hot American Summer star’s assessment is 100 percent false.

It is gun control, “historically speaking,” that is tied to slavery. Democrat slave owners throughout the South fought to keep their slaves unarmed, so as to limit slaves’ ability to fight back. And as former slaves began to assimilate to society during the Reconstruction Era, Democrats used Black Codes to continue to keep them disarmed. Then, during the early 20th century, Democrats use laws against carrying handguns in public to keep blacks and poorer Americans from being armed in public.

The “May Issue” concealed carry process was used in the Democrat-run South to deny Martin Luther King Jr. a permit to carry a handgun for self-defense in 1956.

Again, gun ownership is not “entwined with slavery” but gun control is.

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