Michael Rapaport Attacks Laura Ingraham: ‘You F**king Pig’


In a video posted to his Instagram Thursday, actor Michael Rapaport attacked Laura Ingraham as a “filthy pig,” a “fucking pig, and a “dog-faced animal.”

Last month, Rapaport attacked Ingraham as a “bitch” and told her to “dribble” his “nuts” after the Fox News host suggested NBA star LeBron James “Shut up and dribble.”

In his latest video, Rapaport relitigates the LeBron episode. “This is the same Laura Ingraham who just a few weeks ago said that LeBron James and Kevin Durant and these athletes should just shut up and dribble,” the actor said. “And then I said, infamously, that you should shut up and dribble these nuts. Remember her?”

He continued, referencing comments she made Thursday criticizing Parkland student anti-gun activist David Hogg. “And now Laura Ingraham — this savage, this dog, this mutt — and this has nothing to do with her looks, it has to do with her behavior; the things that she exudes. She’s a sweaty pig. She’s going after this high school student.”

“Who do you like, Laura, huh? You obviously have an affinity for dick stain Donald Trump, but who do you like?” Rapaport asked. “Why don’t you go away, go back to the swamps, to the sewage system, to the ravine that you crawled out of? You fucking pig, you.”

***Language Warning***

Using her Twitter account, Ingraham said that Hogg was “whining” about being rejected from various colleges. Hogg retaliated by launching an online boycott against her advertisers. Ingraham apologized. Hogg refused to accept. Thus far the boycott has successfully resulted in a number of advertisers, including Hulu, Expedia, and Nestle, removing their ads. 


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