Nolte: The WHCD and 6 Other Ways the Media Revealed Their Moral Depravity Last Week

Michelle Wolf stand up special

In just one week, the national media stood by homophobic liar Joy Reid, dismissed credible allegations of sexual misconduct against Tom Brokaw, handed Jake Tapper an award for fake news, used comedienne Michelle Wolf as a hate-avatar, destroyed an admiral with lies, and were caught red-handed colluding with the Deep State to overturn the election of President Trump.

Besides being a jaw-dropping look at how corrupted and dishonest the media are, the list below is what happens when a culture is so besotted with its own virtue, so provincial and out of touch, so venal and hate-driven, that it cannot even begin to grasp how its behavior looks to the outside world.

  1. White House Correspondent’s Dinner of Hate

Because comedienne Michelle’s Wolf’s seething hatred of Trump and conservatives had already been well-established through her work on the far-left Daily Show (and her Twitter account), the White House Correspondents’ Association intentionally hired her knowing she would use kids gloves against them and  instead attempt to humiliate the president and his staff — including press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was sitting just a few feet away.

And this is exactly what happened.

What has been falsely advertised for years as an event where those who cover the White House get together with the president and his staff to enjoy a good-natured evening of self-deprecating humor, revealed its true self over the weekend. The monsters who cover the White House hate us, hate anyone who is not like them, hate women who dare not think like them, and Wolf was their avatar.

Do not be fooled into believing those in the establishment media feigning outrage and disappointment over Wolf’s hate. They all knew who Wolf was and only said something when it began to backfire. Just listen to these terrible people howl with laughter, join in on the mockery with callbacks, and applaud wildly at the end:

  1. Tom Brokaw’s Alleged Victims Attacked as Liars

Probably because she worked at Fox News, Linda Vester, who is accusing Brokaw of groping, harassing, and kissing her without consent, is being dismissed, cast aside, and all but attacked as a liar. Vester is not Brokaw’s only accuser. The second one has not yet come forward.

In order to wrist-flick Vester’s accusations, more than 60 women, including Rachel Maddow, rape-denier Andrea Mitchell, Maria Shriver, and Kelly O’Donnell, signed a letter to circle the wagons around Brokaw.

This is something no other alleged abuser has ever enjoyed, and it is not about facts or decency, it is only about left-wing tribalism.

Some #MeToo victims are more equal than others.

  1. Lying, Homophobe Joy Reid Gets Away with Being a Lying Homophobe

In just the last few days, and in order to escape responsibility for a series of homophobic posts published on her blog some ten years ago, the story told to us by Joy Reid and NBC News has changed dramatically.

On Monday, April 23, Joy Reid told us without equivocation: “In December I learned that an unknown, external party accessed and manipulated material from my now-defunct blog.”

On Tuesday, April 24, NBC News told us that Reid’s cyber security expert has “significant evidence indicating that not only was Ms. Reid’s old blog compromised, some of the recently circulated posts were not even on the site at any time, suggesting that these instances may be the result of screenshot manipulation with intent to tarnish Ms. Reid’s character.”

On Saturday, April 28, Reid admitted that none of the above is true. She did not “learn” that she had been hacked. Moreover, there was no “significant evidence.” In fact, there is NO EVIDENCE.

“I hired cybersecurity experts to see if somebody had manipulated my words or my former blog. And the reality is, they have not been able to prove it,” she confessed.

To lend credibility to Reid’s wild goose chase, we were also told by Reid and by NBC News that the FBI is investigating the case.

Is that even true?

Does anyone care if it is true?

Does anyone care if the precious assets of the FBI were wasted on a wild goose chase to save a lying homophobe’s job?

Does anyone care that an anchor for NBC News has been caught lying?

Obviously not. Brian Williams still has an anchor job and Dan Rather is still trotted out as journalism’s elder statesman, so that question was answered long ago.

The only standard the media hold anyone to is ideological purity, and Reid is pure, so she can lie to us, to her employer, and even to the FBI.

  1. We Learned CNN Colluded with the Deep State to Fabricate Russia Collusion Hoax

Although the media had access to the salacious Fusion GPS document accusing President Trump of colluding with the Russians for months, and although they could not confirm any of it despite having billions of powerful corporate dollars at their disposal, we now know that CNN did not care if the dossier was fake. Instead of looking for the truth, the far-left cable channel was only looking for a “hook” as a means to make public what they knew was a phony document filled with lies.

There was no news motive at work here. This was a con game, a set-up of a duly elected president to manufacture an excuse to dress up a steaming pile of fake news (the dossier) as a legitimate story. This was not about informing the public, it was about misinforming the public, about humiliating a president CNN despises, about using lies to lay the groundwork for the appointment of a special counsel and the doup d’état of impeachment.

So, while withholding crucial information (like the fact it was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign), disgraced former FBI director James Comey figured out a way to deliver the “hook” by briefing the president on the dossier. And then, according to a congressional report of his own testimony, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper leaked the news to CNN’s leading anti-Trump activist, Jake Tapper, who also knew the dossier was fake news, but still stopped the planet from turning with breaking news to tell the world about its existence.

Working in tandem with CNN, and just minutes after Tapper made what he knew was fake news the biggest story in the world, the far-left BuzzFeed released the full contents of the phony dossier to the public.

  1. We Learned CNN Helped James Clapper Lie to Cover Up His Leak to CNN

After CNN broke the news of the phony dossier, Clapper, who was still director of national intelligence, denied leaking it. Although CNN knew Clapper leaked it (because he leaked it to CNN), CNN’s Tapper still reported Clapper’s lying denials as though they were credible.

CNN later hired this liar as a contributor.

  1. A Phony Dosier Used to Destroy Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson

Wielding the exact same playbook used to further the Russian collusion hoax, but this time with the goal of personally and professionally destroying Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, the media ran with uncorroborated allegations about Jackson fed to them by a Democrat, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT), as fact.

Jackson, who was the White House physician and who is hated by the establishment media for giving Trump a clean bill of mental and physical health, was relentlessly smeared in the media using  anonymously sourced and completely unsubstantiated allegations, all in an effort to derail his nomination to head the Veterans Administration.

Tester gave the media the equivalent of a phony dossier on Jackson, the media ran with it, and only after the hit job was successful did we learn that it was almost certainly all lies.

Naturally, CNN once again took the lead in spreading this fake news.

  1. White House Correspondents Dinner Gives Jake Tapper Award for Fake News

Breitbart’s Ian Mason reported on Saturday Jake Tapper won a big award at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner for what now looks like fake news:

The article, by CNN host Jake Tapper and co-workers Evan Perez, Jim Sciutto, and Carl Bernstein, is now up for the WHCA’s Merriman Smith Award. It makes a series of specific claims, among them: “The allegations were presented in a two-page synopsis that was appended to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

This claim in particular was called into question Thursday when Comey explicitly denied he presented any such two-page summary and said that the briefing was spoken only. “CNN reported a time that you handed two-page executive summary of the dossier over to him,” Baier asked Comey, to which he said, “I did not.”

Comey did not entirely rule out the existence of a two-page summary, but it was clear he did not present one to the president-elect.

How could Tapper get something like this so horribly wrong? Easy: Tapper is not a journalist. Rather, he is a Deep State stooge who takes dictation from the Deep State. There was no journalism here, no reporting, no shoe leather. Clapper told Tapper what to say, Tapper said it, and he got it wrong; and Tapper probably doesn’t care because this is not about getting it correct, this is about getting Trump.

What’s a little fake news between friends?

And speaking of fake news…

Did Clapper tell Tapper that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the dossier, or did Clapper withhold that pertinent information?

In other words, did Tapper hide a crucial bit of information from us as he passed along oppo research as legitimate intel? Or did Clapper withhold that information, thereby using Tapper and CNN as his puppet to pass along oppo research as legitimate intel; and if that is the case, why isn’t Tapper furious about being used? Why is CNN hiring a guy who used them like that?

These seven items are just what we know about. Imagine what these monsters are doing behind the scenes.


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