Netflix Host Michelle Wolf Cracks Domestic Abuse Joke About Melania Trump


Netflix talk show host Michelle Wolf opened her weekly monologue by saying she really hopes President Donald Trump didn’t hurt First Lady Melania Trump because “then we couldn’t make fun of her anymore.”

Wolf opened the third episode of her weekly talk show with a 10-minute standup routine that ended with the Comedy Central alumni launching some personal shots at Mrs. Trump.

“And finally, after not being seen for 25 days, Melania has reappeared following her kidney surgery,” Wolf said, gesturing air quotes while saying kidney surgery. “Some people are saying this is Melania’s cover for plastic surgery but, I don’t buy that. Her husband obviously loves her for who she is.”

“Whatever really happened with Melania, I genuinely hope it doesn’t come out that Donald hurt her,” Wolf said, adding, “because that’s bad” and “then we couldn’t make fun of her anymore.”

“We’d have to make her into this brave, feminist icon and I don’t want to do that!” Wolf screamed. “I like making fun of Melania because she’s a bad first lady. She’s one of the worst we’ve ever had. I haven’t seen someone phone in this whole First Lady thing since Betty Ford was still drinking.”

“And Melania, you may have never wanted to be in this position but it’s your own fault that you are. You gold-dug too close to the sun, and now you’re burnt you birth-bird.”

Wolf, of course, is just the latest celebrity to attack Mrs. Trump after she underwent surgery for a benign kidney condition last month.

Days after the White House announced Mrs. Trump’s surgery, author Stephen King said she probably just wanted to take a “week’s rest from Blabbermouth Don.” ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel joked that she would use a sinkhole near the White House to “escape.”

As for Wolf, her Netflix series is shaping up to be a 20-minutes Trump-bashing show. A segment from the debut episode saw the comic taking a swipe at White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. Last week Wolf said comparing President Trump to an ape would be “rude to apes.”

The latest episode of The Break With Michelle Wolf is currently streaming Netflix.

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