Rosie O’Donnell Dubs Trump Official Stephen Miller ‘Baby Hitler’

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images/Twitter

Comedienne and former talk show host Rosie O’Donnell has once again resorted to her politically charged art style to attack President Donald Trump, this time slamming his senior policy advisor Stephen Miller as “Baby Hitler” for his reported role in the administration’s immigration policies.

O’Donnell jumped to her hate-filled Twitter account on Saturday to post a drawing of Miller with the caption, “Stephen Miller – god will not forgive you #HitlerPlaybook.”

The sidelined talk show host was apparently reacting to dubious reports that it was Miller who urged President Trump to implement the border separation policy that has left-wing activists and media elites up in arms.

Curiously, O’Donnell was silent during the eight years that President Barack Obama engaged in similar policies. Indeed, many on the Left were exercised late in May when photos of illegal alien children penned in cages at border patrol stations made the rounds. Liberals blamed the photos on Trump, but hours later the same critics began deleting their outrage-filled tweets when the photos turned out to have been taken of ICE facilities during the Obama years.

O’Donnell has been pumping out her hate-art at least since February when she began selling a rough sketch of President Trump with a series of foul names written next to the portrait.

Recently Fox News personality Laura Ingraham spoke of O’Donnell’s new interest in art:

In other news, the left-wing O’Donnell faced fire when it was learned that she made a series of out-sized campaign contributions to Democrats seeking elective office.

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