Late-Night Hosts Slam Trump’s Border Order: ‘No More Baby Internment Camps, Just Regular Internment Camps’

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Late-night talk show hosts shredded President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily halting the practice of separating illegal immigrant families apprehended at the border, mere hours after the document was signed.

On ABC’s Live!, Jimmy Kimmel led the pretaped Trump-trashing, saying, “Thank you, Mr. President, for lighting the house on fire and now putting the fire out. Now — thanks to his new order — instead of being separated, families from other countries will be locked up together. Hopefully starting with his.”

Over on CBS, Stephen Colbert sang a similarly sanctimonious tune, saying “our long national nightmare is … different.”

“Because after weeks of tearing families apart at the border and then falsely insisting that only Congress could solve the problem,” the host continued, “this afternoon the president looked deep into his heart and realized it was not there.”

“However you slice it, Donald Trump has changed his mind and decided to keep families together,” Colbert said. “And just in time, too: Melania was about to turn herself in at the border.”

NBC’s late-night funnyman Seth Myers mused that President Trump’s “malignant narcissism allows him to confidently and brazenly lie in the way that most other politicians would be too embarrassed to even try.”

“Let’s be clear about one thing,” Meyers added. “You don’t get credit for solving a problem when you yourself created the problem. You can’t eat half a cheeseburger, put it down and say you’re a vegan—especially when everyone knows you’re just waiting for people to stop paying attention so you can finish your cheeseburger.”

Over on TBS, embattled Full Frontal host Samantha Bee belted, “If like most people you’ve been feeling a little uncomfortable this week with our new pre-K prisons, good news: The president has fixed it with the next worst thing.”
“No more baby internment camps, just regular internment camps. Yay, that’s how we win in 2018,” Bee said.

Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah also slammed president Trump’s executive order, saying, “Hurray, our hero! Trump right now is like if Superman threw a meteor at the Earth and then stopped it himself. Everyone is like, ‘Thanks, I guess?'”

Lost on the late-night talkers is the fact that more than 250,000 child illegal aliens were separated from adults during Obama’s tenure in officer — a fact that the even Pope Francis acknowledged.

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