Nine Inch Nails Frontman Trent Reznor: We’re Seeing the ‘Downfall of America in Real Time’ Under Trump


Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor says the world is witnessing the “downfall of America in real time” under the Trump presidency.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Guardian, Reznor also spoke of the shame he feels at America’s shifting culture, the supposed rise in racism, and his fears for the world his children will grow up in.

“It feels like things are coming unhinged, socially and culturally,” he explained. “The rise of Trumpism, of tribalism; the celebration of stupidity. I’m ashamed, on a world stage, at what we must look like as a culture. It’s seeing life through the eyes of having four small kids – what are they coming into? ”

“We’ve got dumber, more tribalised; we’ve found niches of other people that focus on extremity,” he continued. “For the miracle of everyone sharing ideas, I see a hell of a lot more racism. It doesn’t feel like we’ve advanced. I think you’re seeing the fall of the empire of America in real time, before your eyes; the internet has eroded the fabric of decency in our civilisation.”

It is not the first time that Reznor, who also won plaudits for composing scores for films including Gone Girl and The Social Network, has discussed his disdain for President Trump and his rise to the Oval Office.

In a detailed interview with Vulture last year, the 53-year-old rocker called Trump a “grotesque person” while describing his misfortune of growing up in a “shitty little town full of Trump voters.”

“He’s a fucking vulgarian,” Reznor said of Trump. “Aside from whatever ideological beliefs he has — if he has any — he’s a grotesque person who represents everything I hate.”

“I’m repulsed by everything about him and he’s the president, you know? I haven’t figured out how to rationalize that to my kids’ beautiful little optimistic minds,” he added. “I grew up in a sh*tty little town full of Trump voters, so I think I can I understand the point of view of someone who supports his message. What I don’t understand is supporting that messenger.”

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