Hollywood Unhinged: Tweets of the Day

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Some of Hollywood’s most prominent and politically vocal stars spend their day dishing out one vacuous tweet after another. Here’s a small sample of some the most unhinged celebrity screeds.

Barbara Streisand accused Congressional Republicans of launching an “assault on our democracy.”

Noted social theorist Chelsea Handler took on multiple topics.

Judd Apatow says News Corp. bosses the Murdochs are selling their souls over Fox News’ coverage.

Kathy Griffin is not at all obsessed with President Trump.

Rob Delaney of Catastrophe and Deadpool 2  fame focused on Secretary of Education with a polite message.

John Fugelsang used his Friday to go after “fake Christians.”

Meanwhile, many of the days most absurd tweets centered around Michael Cohen turning against President Donald Trump.


HBO’s Westworld star Jefferey Wright tweeted at Trump directly with a thoughtful question.

John Legend chimed in with a new nickname for the president.

Actor John Leguizamo is “tired of President Trump the way you’d be tired of cancer.” Okay.

Conan O’Brien late-night show sidekick Andy Richter has some sound advice for law-abiding gun owners.

Actress Mira Sorvino cheered on CNN blowhard Chris Cuomo for saying Trump hates America.

Elsewhere, DJ Moby shared a message from the Deep State.

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