Alyssa Milano: ‘Bang Down’ Senators’ Doors to Stop Brett Kavanaugh (Video)

Equal Rights Amendment
Rainmaker Photo/MediaPunch /IPX

Resistance activist and actress Alyssa Milano contributed a dramatic reading as the supposed victims of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for far-left video producer “Now This,” urging her followers to “bang down” their senators’ doors to stop his confirmation.

In the video, Milano blames Kavanaugh for the murder victims at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s deaths because he once dissented in favor of a reading of the Second Amendment that included semi-automatic rifles. Milano similarly blamed the National Rifle Association for Iranian-born animal rights activist Nasim Aghdam’s attack on YouTube’s headquarters. She then faults Kavanaugh for another dissent in which argued that an illegal alien apprehended on the border and being held for removal proceedings did not have a right for American taxpayers to fund her abortion.

Milano also criticizes Kavanaugh for such constitutional truisms as his purported belief “a president should be able to ignore a law if he deems it unconstitutional” and the widely held opinion that a sitting president cannot be indicted in normal federal criminal proceedings and that impeachment is the constitutionally available remedy, something that successive Republican and Democratic White Houses have asserted.

“What will happen when Brett Kavanaugh becomes the majority?” Milano asks, answering, based presumably on Kavanaugh’s record as a judge, “We know what will happen to women, to immigrants, to workers, to voters, to people with pre-existing conditions, to children with disabilities, to parent who worry about whether their kids will come home from school alive.”

“Brett Kavanaugh will hurt us,” the actress who has earned tens of millions of dollars from her roles claims. Later, she appears to define “us” as “pretty much everyone except Donald Trump.”

“We have to call our senators. It’s not a done deal so we have to bang down their doors and share our stories,” Milano says as she exhorts viewers to oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Milano, once a major celebrity, has mostly replaced acting work with left-wing political advocacy in recent years, but will star in Netflix’s new web series Insatiable. Brett Kavanaugh has been a particularly focal point of Milano’s anger recently. In addition to her claims in the Now This video, Milano dawned a costume from Hulu’s television adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, claiming, in essence that Kavanaugh’s nomination would bring about some version of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 sci-fi dystopia the ” Republic of Gilead.”

“We have the power to stop Brett Kavanaugh,” Milano says in closing. The eminent D.C. Circuit judge needs no democratic votes to secure his nomination and, so far, no Republican has shown signs of opposing his confirmation.


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