Late-Night Hate: Seth Meyers Calls Trump a ‘Wannabe Dictator,’ Colbert Offers Thanksgiving Table Talk Tips


Late-night hosts took no time off spewing their hate for President Donald Trump for Thanksgiving this year, with Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert attacking the president and his supporters in usual fashion.

NBC’s Seth Meyers referred to Trump as “a wannabe dictator who thinks he can jail whoever he wants” Wednesday, following a report that Trump was allegedly interested in prosecuting James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

Meyers also mocked Trump over reports that he talked on the phone with Fox News host Sean Hannity several times a week, calling it “the phone call version of two dogs sniffing each other’s butts.”

CBS’ Stephen Colbert also took aim at President Trump for his recent contention that an ID is needed to buy cereal.

“According to Pew Research, Americans are more divided along party lines than ever,” Colbert said. “So I would avoid controversial subjects like politics, religion, sports, movies and how much voter I.D. you need to buy cereal.”

Trump jokes are the bread-and-butter for the variety late-night shows, with many of the funnymen aligning themselves with the anti-Trump resistance.

Stephen Colbert has called Trump a “horny old racist who likes cheeseburgers more than his children” and said that his mouth is “good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.”

Seth Meyers, meanwhile, has used his platform to call Trump a “sexist dick” and said that he “gushes over Putin like a flustered 12-year-old who just met Mickey at Disneyland.”


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