Rose McGowan and Gender-Fluid Partner Rain Dove Re-Enact ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ amid PC Lyrics Controversy

Screenshots: Youtube

Actress and #MeToo activist Rose McGowan and her gender-fluid partner, Rain Dove, released a video Thursday in which they acted out the lyrics of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and warned that the lyrics were no longer “appropriate.”

In the video, Rose McGowan plays the part of the woman, while Rain Dove plays the role of a predatory, creepy male. The video has no background music and features the two repeating the lyrics in a talking voice.

“‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is a winter song that is deemed controversial and sexist by many. Several radio stations pulled the song from their holiday playlists worldwide after listeners wrote angry letters,” the video’s description reads:

“Even though Frank Lesser may have felt the song was progressive at the time in which he wrote it- it wouldnt be considered appropriate today to be so persistent after someone says no,” the description continues.

“It wouldnt be appropriate for a person to be grabbed, even if their partner believes :well they want to stay anyway I can tell. If it werent for society’s thinking of them… they would stay.”

As the description notes, there is much controversy over the lyrics, famously sung by Dean Martin.

Some view the male voice in the song as predatory and not respecting the woman’s consent, while others have said that the point of the song is that the female wants to stay the night but is unsure if she should, due to the conservative sexual mores of the time:

Deana Martin, Dean Martin’s daughter, defended the lyrics this month, saying that the controversy is “just insane.”

“When I heard it, I said, ‘This can’t possibly be.’ You know, it’s a sweet, flirty, fun holiday song that’s been around for 40 years for my dad,” she said.

Rain Dove, who identifies as “gender fluid,” recently made headlines for sharing an incident of being maced in a woman’s bathroom and later reaching out to the attacker to change her mind.


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