Michael Moore: Federal Workers Should Take Over Buildings, ‘Shut Down All Air Travel’


Left-wing filmmaker and activist Michael Moore said in a social media post Friday that furloughed federal workers should start a “mass uprising” and “hound Mitch McConnell” over the government shutdown.

“What would a nonviolent mass uprising by 800,000 federal workers look like? Sit-ins. Takeover buildings. Shut down all air travel,” Michael Moore said. “A human ‘wall’ at the WhiteHouse. Hound Mitch McConnell so that he has no sleep, no lunches w/ lobbyists. Refuse to show up for work. I’d join that!”

The federal government has been in a state of partial shutdown for over three weeks now in the longest shutdown in American history. Democrats refuse to pass spending for the government that includes money for President Trump’s promised border wall.

Moore’s social media rants often target the president and Republicans. After the 2018 midterm elections, the 64-year-old said that the only way Republicans win elections is by making it harder for African-Americans to vote.

“It has to feel awful knowing that your side is outnumbered by the millions and the only way you can hang on to any power is to simply rig it/steal it/prevent black people from voting. That is the work of cowards,” he said.

More recently, the Bowling for Columbine creator declared that the GOP tax cut in 2017 was like an “act of terror.”

“All the Republicans in that photo you showed standing there on the steps with him a year ago today all looking so slap happy and ah, remember it’s not just Trump, all of the Republicans, all of them, nobody has had the courage to stand up and say this is wrong, this is un-American,” he said.

“This hurts this country. This is— this tax cut in a sense an act of terror because it’s going to make the people who are already struggling to get by that much harder to get by.”


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