Russell Brand Joining Forces with ‘Spiritual Leader’ Marianne Williamson

MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP/Getty Images/AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

Actor and comedian Russell Brand is joining Democrat candidate and spiritual leader Marianne Williamson (D) for an event in Los Angeles, California, dubbed “A Conversation with Marianne Williamson & Russell Brand.”

Williamson retweeted a video of Brand discussing the essence of her unique presidential bid and told her 2.8 million Twitter followers, “Russell Brand will be joining me in Los Angeles on Sept. 15.”

The Arthur actor released a video about Williamson on Sunday, asking viewers, “could America really be about to get its first Spiritualist president?”

Brand talked about the significance of Williamson’s appeal from a spiritual standpoint. Brand argued that the Republican party is also a “spiritual” party but accused it of using “anger, rage, alienation and a kind of weaponized nostalgia” as its main resource.

The comedian acknowledged that Williamson knows how to speak the “language of feeling” and added that politics “can no longer afford to exclude basic spiritual principles” like “compassion, community, [and] kindness” — all concepts Williamson attempts to exemplify.

“These ideas were always present, but I think we all got so lost in the idea of — speaking for myself — of individualism that we forgot that we all exist tied by a thousand invisible threads to one another, that we are all in constant relationship, that my success is tied to your success. My happiness is tied to your happiness,” Brand said.

“Marianne Williamson is talking a language that for me is truthful and apposite and the kind of discourse that I’m happy to see introduced into politics,” he continued.

Brand added that Williamson’s entrance into the political mainstream is a “positive thing because it opens up the conversation.”

“Just to hear the word ‘dark psychic forces’ spoken in American political conversation is for me exciting because what is this really?” he asked. “Human beings alive in the world aware that we and everyone else is going to die knowing that we’re dealing with power and resources and that mostly for most of us we have no access or purchase or ability to control the systems and institutions that determine the types of lives we will live.”

Tickets are selling for $100, according to the event’s page.


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