Michael Moore: Republicans ‘Triggered Our Extinction By Pushing a Climate-Denying Agenda’

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Left-wing documentary filmmaker and activist Michael Moore is blaming the Republican Party for bringing about the extinction of the human race.

In a Twitter rant on Friday, Michael Moore didn’t refer to the GOP by name but said “This party triggered our extinction by pushing a greed-based, climate-denying agenda.”

The Fahrenheit 9/11 director said that young people will “remember how we let the 1% plan this destruction, how we allowed a political party to exist on the premise that there was NO climate change!”

Moore’s rant comes as students around the country planned to walk out of classes as part of a global climate strike. In New York, the public school system is allowing students to skip classes on Friday to join Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg for a protest at the United Nations.

“Millions of children will march today,” Moore wrote on Twitter. “They know when they’re our age they will be clinging to life, clawing & clamoring for survival as the planet chokes to death the humans who tried to kill it. The planet will kill us before it lets us kill the planet. Trust me on this.”

Moore has come under fire in the past for failing to lead by example when it comes to his activism. Despite being a vocal environmental activist, the Oscar winner can claim a sizable carbon foot print, having owned nine homes at one point.

On Friday, Moore blamed his own generation for failing to act on climate change.

“Now a younger generation has zero desire to wait another damn minute considering we’ve already pushed their future over the friggin’ cliff,” he tweeted.

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