Megan Fox Defends Allowing Her 6-Year-Old Son to Wear Dresses


Transformers actress Megan Fox has finally responded to criticism over the many photos of her six-year-old son seen sporting long locks and wearing dresses.

As far back as 2017, Fox has shared photos of her boys that have elicited criticism over their dress and hair. Many of Fox’s followers slammed her for allowing her sons to wear dresses and to grow their blond hair long like girls do.

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star has steadfastly ignored the taunts until now. In an appearance on The Talk, Fox struck back and explained that she supports her boys.

For one, Noah, Fox said, is a creative boy who loves fashion.

“He designs. He draws outfits. He’s very talented, but he’s still 6. He’s really into fashion. Sometimes, he’ll dress himself, and he likes to wear dresses sometimes,” she told the hosts of the show.

Megan Fox went on to note that even children of her “hippy” school are critical of her sons.

“I send him to a really liberal, like, hippie school,” Fox said. “But even there, in California, he still has little boys going, ‘Boys don’t wear dresses,’ or ‘Boys don’t wear pink.'”

Fox said that she tries to teach her sons to be “confident, no matter what.”

“We’re going through that now,” Fox added, “where I’m trying to teach him to be confident no matter what anyone else says. He came home, and I was like, ‘How was it? Did any of the friends at school have anything to say?’ And he was like, ‘Well, all the boys laughed when I came in,’ but he’s like, ‘I don’t care, I love dresses too much.'”

Fox’s actor husband, Brian Austin Green, has also come to the defense of his son, saying that the boy is “not harming anyone by wearing a dress.”

“I’ve heard from some people that they don’t agree with him wearing dresses. To them, I say, ‘I don’t care. He’s 4, and if he wants to wear it, then he wears it,” Green told Parents.

Green added that he thinks that at five years of age, his sons are at the right age to experiment and “have fun.”

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