Pop Star Cody Simpson Shares Topless Photo to Promote Climate Change Awareness


Singer-actor Cody Simpson is using sex to sell climate activism, recently sharing a shirtless photo of himself on Instagram  to encourage his millions of followers to do their homework on climate change.

Simpson, who is romantically linked with Miley Cyrus, posted a bare-chested photo of himself on Saturday with his lower half covered with a blanket that reads: “Stop looking at my dick and start looking at the facts about climate change.”

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This isn’t the first time that Cody Simpson, 22, has used social media to promote his dreamy brand of environmental activism. Last week, the Australian star challenged his Instagram followers to temporarily give up plastics

“I challenge myself and the rest of you to live entirely without plastics for 10 days,” he wrote.

Simpson started dating Cyrus shortly after her break-up with actor Liam Hemsworth this year. The new couple has posted updates about their new-found sobriety. “Four month sober and still stoned,” Simpson wrote last month on Instagram.

When not posting shirtless photos of himself on social media, Simpson is promoting his environmental activism to his young fan base.

In a Teen Vogue editorial last year, Simpson explained his passion for the environment, saying it all began with his upbringing on the Gold Coast of Australia.

“Throughout my life, I have felt deeply connected to the sea, to the earth and the world around me. I spend a great amount of time in the ocean surfing, sailing, swimming,” he wrote.

“Over the course of my 21 years, I have seen the state of our environment and natural world worsen immensely. I advocate for the environmental education of my own generation and generations to come, as the planet is in our hands.”

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