Actor Daniel Dae Kim Says Anti-Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine Helped Him Recover from Coronavirus

Actor Daniel Dae Kim attends a special screening of "Hellboy" at AMC Lincoln Square on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Actor Daniel Dae Kim has revealed that he took the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to treat his coronavirus, saying that he believes the drug was “crucial” to his successful recovery so far.

The Lost and Hawaii Five-0 star said in an Instagram video posted late Saturday that hydroxychloroquine was part of a cocktail of drugs that his physician prescribed. His other medications included Tamiflu, an azithromycin Z pack, and a respiratory inhaler.

“So I won’t say that it’s a cure and I won’t say definitively that you should go out and use it. But what I will say is that I believe that [hydroxychloroquine] was crucial to my recovery. I believe the entire mixture of drugs was crucial to my recovery,” he said.

Hydroxychloroquine has surged in prominence since President Donald Trump discussed its use during recent White House press conferences, saying that he is cautiously optimistic about the drug’s off-label use to treat COVID-19. Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has stated that the evidence so far is anecdotal.

“Well add my name to those personal accounts because I am feeling better,” Daniel Dae Kim said. He added that he began taking the drug early in his illness before his symptoms worsened.

“One of the reasons I was able to recover quickly I believe is because I was lucky enough to start taking these drugs before my fever got severe.”

The Hollywood star revealed last week that he was diagnosed with coronavirus after returning home to Hawaii after filming the TV show New Amsterdam in New York. While he said his illness hasn’t required hospitalization, he will remain in isolation from his family until Monday at least.

Kim concluded his video saying that he doesn’t want to politicize the issue, encouraging people to focus on each other’s well being.

“I won’t be addressing the politics of this issue in posts like this anymore,” he said. “Except to say this: my political beliefs may not be the same as yours. But especially in times like this, what’s most important is that we put people over politics and take care of one another.”

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